March2019.pngI am a Lecturer in Quantitative Social Sciences at Cardiff University. I received a Ph.D. in Political Science and a M.S. in Statistics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Before joining Cardiff University, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Sciences Po Paris in 2018-19.

I work in the fields of political psychology, public opinion, and quantitative methods. My  research examines individual- and contextual-level determinants of political attitudes and participation, with a special interest in cross-national survey data analysis. Methodologically, I am interested in survey methodology, latent variable modeling, measurement and dimensionality, and multivariate data analysis.

At Sciences Po, I work at the Nuclear Knowledges program, where I am responsible for research design and data analysis of a cross-national survey project on attitudes toward nuclear weapons.

My interests span across multiple fields — as diverse as political behavior, intergroup relations, and international security — informed by a political psychological perspective. Recent research has focused on ethnic and racial studies, survey research, and measurement issues in comparative research. Parallel to my responsibilities at Nuclear Knowledges, I am currently working on the following projects: (i) Political attitudes and ‘race’ in Brazil, South Africa, and the United States; (ii) Multidimensional measurement of institutional trust; and (iii) the rise of authoritarianism in multiple societies. Other projects include racial classification in Brazil, group stereotypes, and generational values change.

Previously, I earned an M.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Social Sciences, both from the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

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